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Instagram Not Required | 2014 Fall Fashion

Instagram Not Required | 2014 Fall Fashion

The floodgates of fashion’s fall merchandise have been cracked open, are you ready?

With Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale set to officially launch today and cozy sweaters creeping onto shelves everywhere, fashion is ready for fall. The last couple of days have been rather blustery here in Silicon Valley. These winds of change are refreshing – out with the old, in with the new. I’m ready to stash my cut-offs and crop tops and pull out my flannels and cozy layers, curl up by a warm fire and turn back the clocks. Classic Disney Halloween cartoons will be cued up on the DVR, my sister and I will be hunting down the perfect pumpkins, and we’ll mix up some homemade apple cider. One of the best things about living on the East Coast for two years during my Master’s at Harvard was the brilliant fall color. If you hail from the EC, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you have yet to visit during autumn, the array of color on the hillsides is phenomenal. No instagram filters required.

I’ve gathered several editorial snapshots to fuel your 2014 fall fashion wardrobe inspiration. Keep mixing up your prints, balancing both size and color. Start layering those beautiful plaid flannels around your waist (yep, that 90’s trend has been reborn), pick out a cool pair of statement headphones, and finish it off with some deconstructed denim. Mix bouclé wool textures, quilted bomber jackets and pom-pom scarves. This elaborate orchestra of texture and color and print is in sync with the increasing number of “hats” (no pun intended) we adorn in our personal and professional lives. Hybridity is the name of the game – whether we’re talking about a work/life balance or gas/electric vehicles or couture/lycra blends. Our lives require that we become increasingly flexible – cue the luxury activewear collections by Lucas High that made a name for themselves in the Hunger Games and my last blog post on the intersection between couture and the rise of the activewear market in the United States. Sneakers with evening gowns? Check. Florals and houndstooth? You better believe it. Leather and lycra? Bring it on.


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Images courtesy of Vogue Korea & Vogue Japan.


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