Welcome to the future.

AW 2014 HEARTLAND | Fashion Trend Forecast


I’ve been knee-deep in a new forecast for the past several months, and I thought you guys might appreciate a sneak peek!

HEARTLAND is a macro trend forecast, and the next iteration of sustainable living. It is the art form of living beautifully and living well. Fashion, food, transportation, home interiors and architecture reflect a growing refinement — thoughtful design decisions that sustain, protect and preserve. This trend represents a kind of unadulterated luxury and refreshing realism. The self-indulgent posturing of oversized silhouettes has disappeared; and an almost crushing beauty emerges. The feeling is bittersweet yet intoxicating, deliberate, and unabashedly human.

All rights reserved. Credits include photography by Andrea Hübner, Heinui, & Kathreinerle.