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  • Neomexicana

    Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Fashion Trend “Neomexicana” Finds Sure-footing

    In 2012, I developed the fashion trend forecast, Neomexicana. I’m happy to report an overwhelming amount of evidence – both...

  • Mauve2

    Fashion’s Inner Form: Beauty, Matter, Spirit

    In the study of trend science, we learn of the power and importance of intuition – a faculty of...

  • EnlightenedEating1

    By Nature’s Design: The Art of Eating Well | Trend Forecast

    In 2011, I developed a forecast called, “Enlightened Eating.” Heralded by the rise of alternative spiritual praxes and the return...

  • HeartlandSingle1

    AW 2014 HEARTLAND | Fashion Trend Forecast

    I’ve been knee-deep in a new forecast for the past several months, and I thought you guys might appreciate...

  • aeeba5c66d315309538b350080edc20e

    Weapons of Mass Destruction: Fashion Gets Radioactive

    During a recent trip to San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, I discovered a collection of jewelry called, From War to Peace. Each...

  • king5 copy

    The King Returns | 2014 Fashion Trend Forecast

    In 2014, The King Returns. This trend can be traced to our need for the qualities embodied by the archetypal...