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By Nature’s Design: The Art of Eating Well | Trend Forecast


In 2011, I developed a forecast called, “Enlightened Eating.” Heralded by the rise of alternative spiritual praxes and the return of sustainable agriculture, Enlightened Eating celebrates the alchemy of fine food. A meditation on the importance of simple, quality ingredients and care of the hearth, this trend identifies in food an avenue for self-discovery and self-reformation.

For the past several months I’ve been following a Paleo diet, and I’m happy to report that I’ve seen some dramatic improvements in my health as well as a new appreciation for food that has been grown and harvested sustainability and with compassion. While my sister and mother have always taken on the lion’s share of preparing dinner-time meals (Dad and I always did clean-up), I do find myself spending more time in the kitchen, reading nutrition labels and choosing locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Preparing a meal has become a spiritual practice: the chopping of vegetables akin to counting rosary beads, the “plating” of food similar to the art of feng shui and zen gardens.

The simple fact is: food is beautiful. Multi-color carrots, eggplant blossoms, heirloom tomatoes…nature’s details are incredible. I often find inspiration for new trends through food styling and food photography. Delicious forms, colors and shapes. Aspiring futurists, take note!





Photography credits: Melissa MurphyKrew i MlkoTidyMomTwo Loves StudioIan Blasshofer