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  • RAW | 2015 Fashion & Lifestyle Trend Forecast
  • BlueMood3

    Mapping Big Data: Virtual Cartographies & the Information Highway

    As we move further and further into the 21st century and “Big Data” seems to loom around every corner,...

  • Beauty5

    The Future of Smart Beauty | Algorithms in Action

    Fellow product junkies, this post is for you. Last week, I met with team members from the San Francisco...

  • hivemindblog2

    Fashion’s Hive Mind: Alexander McQueen, Biomimicry & Social Media

    Don’t miss the TED talk below! In Walter Benjamin’s, The Arcades Project, he writes that, “the most interesting thing about fashion is...

  • paperfashionblog

    By Hand: The Art of Being Human

    I have been following Katie Rodger’s blog, Paper Fashion since 2010. Her illustrations bring new life to fashion and the...

  • FashionData

    Fashion & Big Data Get Down and Dirty

    In trend forecasting, timing is everything. Even if you've identified a trend correctly, if you predict its arrival 6...