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Trend Science

  • Wholeness-Time4

    Visual Literacy & The Modern Imagination

    A feeling of wholeness is descending upon the modern imagination. I’ve broached this idea in the macro trend forecast,...

  • Beauty5

    The Future of Smart Beauty | Algorithms in Action

    Fellow product junkies, this post is for you. Last week, I met with team members from the San Francisco...

  • FastFashion

    Fast Fashion & the Runaway Universe

    Fashion’s technological history has been gaining momentum for the last decade. From Google goggles and designer iPad and iPhone...

  • Ocean1

    Fashion’s Life Aquatic: 2014 Resort Fashion Trend Report

    The ocean has been on my mind of late. I came across an exquisite photograph of a fish tail,...

  • Mauve2

    Fashion’s Inner Form: Beauty, Matter, Spirit

    In the study of trend science, we learn of the power and importance of intuition – a faculty of...

  • EnlightenedEating1

    By Nature’s Design: The Art of Eating Well | Trend Forecast

    In 2011, I developed a forecast called, “Enlightened Eating.” Heralded by the rise of alternative spiritual praxes and the return...