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CHANEL | Fashion Trend Photography

CHANEL | Fashion Trend Photography

Part of every fashion trend forecaster’s arsenal is a healthy supply of fashion trend photography. Sometimes these photographs come in the shape of fashion magazine editorials, other times fashion trend photography emerges from interior design inspiration books or destination photography. My usual strategy for blog posts is to find a combination of different fashion editorials that reflect upcoming trends – these photographs can be organized by color, by silhouette, style and/or mood. Sometimes it’s images of food, sometimes it’s fashion, sometimes it’s architecture or interior design. The end result is a constellation of ideas and images that by themselves aren’t impressive or informative enough, but in the right company, reflect an important piece of a larger story.

Every now and again though, I come across an photograph powerful enough to stand on its on. It’s a rare thing, really. And my usual strategy of including other images somehow dilutes the experience. When I find one of these special photographs, I’m content to simply stare at the photograph awhile and digest every pixel and nuance.

Today’s fashion trend photography comes from L’official Singapore May 2015 and showcases a silk-blend dress by CHANEL. Simply exquisite, no? Look at that detail! The beading! The embroidery! The soft melody of colors! It’s extraordinary. And this is exactly the kind of intricate craftsmanship you should expect to see in 2016/2017. See our 2016/2017 fashion & lifestyle trend forecast, NIGHTFALL for more intimations of what’s to come!

Photograph: Julia Banas by Lukasz Pukowiec

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