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2017 Color Trends – The Future is Bright | What Next

2017 Color Trends | The Future is Bright!

Color Trends: Food, Fashion and Runway

It’s time to take a look at color trends for 2017!

It’s been awhile since my last blog here at What Next – we’ve been running wild on new projects, attending lots of events and working hard alongside some of our favorite stores in Silicon Valley. But have no fear! I’m back at my desk and ready to share some exciting trend news about color for 2017!

I’ve been fixating on several new color trends – deep crimsons, blush pinks, deep aubergine purples, neon corals – and still loving some older favorites including chartreuse and bubblegum. These colors are saturating the runway and finding their way into art, design and food. The culinary industry is actually one of my favorite places to look for new color trends – chefs are always doing interesting things with texture, design, color and presentation! Take a peek below and let me know what you think!

2017 Color Trends

2017 Color Trends

2017 Color Trends

2017 Color Trends

2017 Color Trends

2017 Color Trends

2017 color trends

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