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Fashion’s Blue Period | 2014 Color Trends – What Next

Fashion's Blue Period

Fashion's Blue Period | 2014 Color Trends

I’m crazy about color. The brighter, the better. Funky color combos? Bring it on. If you’re researching 2014 color trends, you’ve definitely come across Pantone’s Radiant Orchid (Ahem. Called It.) And if you’re a regular reader over here at What Next, then you’re eagerly anticipating Pantone’s 2015’s Color of the Year (Ahem, ahem. Blood Orange.)

In the meantime, there are other 2014 color trends to consider adding to your wardrobe and home. Every trend editor out there is always on the look for the next great hue. And I can only imagine what it’d be like to work at Pantone – eating and breathing fanciful color swatches all day long. My latest fixation? A softer, watered down cyan. I’m half-ready to go dye my blonde locks in anticipation. I’ve never been one to adopt crazy hair colors, but I’m ready and willing to make an exception this year. I’ve got fluffy blue cotton candy on the brain. (Remember that stuff from our carnival days?) If you’re not ready to make as big of a commitment, think about accessories, shoes and coats. I’ll wager we’ll even see some blue fur coats – cookie monster style without the weight gain.

What colors are you craving? I’d love to hear what 2014 color trends you’re tracking!


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