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Fashion’s Inner Form: Beauty, Matter, Spirit


In the study of trend science, we learn of the power and importance of intuition – a faculty of perception that is difficult to teach, but essential for discerning future trends and patterns of market behavior. A trend is a constellation of information, events and consciousness. It is a socio-cultural mirror; an aesthetic compendium of past, present and future. A trend is not something we follow, it is something we feel. Navajo philosophy tells us that everything has an inner form, quality or essence that is unseen. Physicists might call this hidden quality, energy or the interplay of atoms; religious leaders might call it spirit; the Navajo call it Beauty. Trends also carry this inner form, and are disseminated most rapidly when this hidden quality reflects the same kind of intrinsic Beauty, spirit or energy that we experience most clearly as Being.

Trend Alert: MAUVE

Expect this hue to saturate clothes and beauty products alike. It pairs well with most skin tones, and sits beautifully alongside neutrals, blue jeans, amaranthine and chartreuse.


Mauve1 Mauve3

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Image/Photography Credit:

The Icing on the Cake by Patrick Demarchelier for W May 2013

Daphne Groeneveld by Karim Sadli for Dior Magazine #2 Spring 2013

Karlina Caune in Lula #16 S/S 2013 by Emma Tempest

Call Me CupcakeECurry.com , Vanessa Lewis PhotographyDiane Gilleland of CraftyPod