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In Praise of Blessing | The Extraordinary Life


As Thanksgiving draws near for residents of the United States, I’m inclined to write about the nature of blessings.

It’s easy to forget to pause and give thanks amidst the hustle and bustle of this hyper-connected century. Despite my misgivings about the spotty historical records of Pilgrims and Native Americans gathering together to give thanks, I know in my heart the importance of setting time aside each year (and each day) to say thank you. Thanksgiving is an important opportunity to pause and reflect on the many extraordinary blessings that find their way into our daily lives.

Wherever you are in the world today, take a minute to remember the blessings that surround you. Take a minute, an hour, a day to remember that thankfulness and forgiveness are some of the best salves for an anxious mind, a wounded heart or a broken spirit. Set down your sorrows for a little while, and hold up instead the memories that brighten a weary heart and enrich an aged soul.





Today’s images were selected from one of my favorite Tumblr accounts, QuinceWithSugar; and from my Pinterest boards.

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