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The New Activewear | Hybrid Lives, Hybrid Looks

The New Activewear: Hybrid Lives, Hybrid Looks

It’s no secret that the Activewear Market – especially in the U.S. – is growing at an exponential pace. From jeans and gym clothes to wedge sneakers and sport-infused couture, activewear is reinventing how our clothes are made and how comfortable they feel. While I’ve never been one to use my gym attire for everyday outfits, I’m excited about incorporating this sportier aesthetic into my wardrobe, or at the very least discovering new fabrics that breathe, flex and fight crime. And there are some fabulous activewear collabs coming down the pike including one between Rita Ora and Adidas.

Why is activewear having its hey-day? Several factors come to mind: the obesity epidemic that has taken hold of the U.S; more women in positions of power who need functional, comfortable clothing to fuel their days and weekends; and a renewed and growing interest in sustainable just-about-everything. We expect our clothing to multitask and hybridize in much the same way that we expect more miles per gallon and greater flexibility in our work schedules. As we become more deeply entrenched in a culture of “real-time”, we simultaneously expect our commodities to keep pace as we bend over backwards into bridge-pose.

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