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Fashion’s Wiz Kid | Marc Jacobs’ Golden Brick Road


I kind of love being right. OK, I’m lying. I really love being right. It’s as though – for one moment – the universe makes sense. Hard work and intuition are affirmed, and my inner compass breathes a sigh of relief. When Marc Jacob’s runway show began, I got to have one of these “right-feeling” moments.

What was I right about? Last year, I created a forecast called, “The Gilded Age.” It projected a certain raw, unkempt glamour; the grime of urban life gilded with gold and faux crystals; decadence in all its glory. Jacobs’ 2013 NYFW RTW collection was spot on. Even the lighting was gilded; a sepia toned homage to Instagram in some respects. It’s clear Jacobs is getting better with age. He’s come a long way, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Then came London Fashion Week and Tom Ford. Ford’s inspiration was markedly different than Jacobs, but equally inspired. Style.Com described the show’s invitation as “cross cultural multi ethnic.” Not all outfits were winners in my book, but the highlights clearly reflected the second forecast I created for 2013, Neomexicana.

Surrealist renderings enhance and alter our perspective. Technicolor cyan and azul blue are married with amaranthine purples and blood reds. We journey deeper into the forest of larger-than-life patterns and textures in search of greater mystery and imagination.


Images Courtesy of Style.com


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