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RAW | Visions Of An Unfinished Future

It’s always exciting to see other folks discussing and reporting on trend signals that I’ve identified as well. IDEO.com is a global design consultancy that shares my zen for innovation and “creative confidence.” Our research and writing have yielded several overlapping studies; namely, the rebirth of Raw Systems; and an interest in the human faces behind Big Data. I’ve included IDEO’s brief movie that explores the future of raw materials, prototyping and production below; as well as a blurb from their recent research for Ebay.com and the future of retail.

If you missed the original forecast for RAW, click HERE to read the full text. As an added bonus, I’ve included another image from the forecast below!

We will likely buy more unfinished products in the future. This could happen for a lot of reasons: more choice, better economics, and the ability to upgrade. But there are behaviors even more exciting at play. When we ‘unbundle’ products, the role of people changes.

As we break down the things into Raw Systems, how will it shift the roles of people and materials? For decades we have organized around production, soon production might organize more around us. 


RAW | 2015 Fashion & Lifestyle Trend Forecast

It’s easy to forget that behind data cells exist flesh-and-blood people. eBay has 128 million buyers and sellers, and wanted to find meaningful stories about real people in order to uncover their wants, needs, and behaviors.

–IDEO.com on the future of Big Data for retail.


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