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Givenchy Does Disney: The Magic of Make Believe


Hot off an Oscar win for its animated short, Paperman, Disney is back and better than ever. Paperman marks a return to Disney’s roots – where love conquers all and finds help for its quest in the oddest places (cue some very pushy, but ever-so-charming paper airplanes that guide our protagonist’s footsteps). Paperman was unassuming, beautifully animated, and lovable – a surefire comeback, reminiscent of a sly magic lamp that when dusted off, unleashes a forgotten magic that captivates as it conjures.

Disney has been lingering in fashion’s imagination for the last several years: its first appearance in D&G’s 2011 menswear collection; and most recently in Givenchy’s Fall 2013 RTW collection emblazoned on a sweatshirt. Barney’s New York also took to installing Disney’s favorite characters in its holiday window displays last season. Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and Goofy were slimmed down – much to the chagrin of child psychologists everywhere – and dressed in designer duds for an Electric Holiday.

Disney’s cultural resurgence can be linked to a renewed call for creativity, imagination and make-believe. When the going gets tough – by virtue of a struggling economy, civil unrest or global strife – it’s not uncommon to spend more time imagining the possibilities and happily-ever-afters of “once upon a time.” The power of Disney’s storytelling lies in the language and symbols of mythos; in the enchanted forests we visited so often as children, where the animals spoke languages we understood and we relied on the kindness of fairies and fairy godmothers to help us slay dragons and defeat evil stepmothers. Is it any wonder that a mouse, a duck and a dog were chosen as the sacred pilgrims of Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom?

As we struggle to discern and resolve the uncertainties of our lives, take heart in remembering the misadventures of a childhood hero or heroine. Revisit the lands of make believe, if only to remember the importance of imagination. Have faith that a small mouse once dreamed a kingdom into being, and left behind a legacy of friendship, family, laughter and love.

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