Welcome to the future.

Visual Literacy & The Modern Imagination


A feeling of wholeness is descending upon the modern imagination. I’ve broached this idea in the macro trend forecast, HEARTLAND. With the number of local and urban farms on the rise, we cultivate whole bodies from the inside out. In our demands for a greater degree of transparency in our nutrition labels, and in the manufacturing practices of technology and clothing companies, there is a hunger for the whole picture – the good, the bad, the new and the time-worn wisdom of past generations. We seek to name – and inhabit more fully – the virtual and real worlds we’ve created.

As a trend forecaster, I deliver aesthetic approximations of what the future will look and feel like. The images I select are chosen for a variety of reasons including color, tone, mood, lighting and sometimes but not always, subject matter. Visual literacy – defined as the “ability to interpret, negotiate and make meaning from information presented in the form of an image” – has become an increasingly valued skill set in the Information Age, yet many of us haven’t been trained in this medium of apperception. In order to intuitively grasp what changes in the external world will shape the evolution of human thought and behavior, we must abandon a great deal of linear thinking in order to perceive new patterns of order and relative harmony.






Photography Credits: Pratos e Travessas, A House in the Hills, Kinfolk Magazine, Marion Luttenberger, DailyReenactorTumblr, BevCooks, Sweet Sugar Bean