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Can Fashion Shift Consciousness? | What Next Trend Forecasting

Can Fashion Shift Consciousness? | What Next

Every now and then, a fashion shoot comes along that changes your life style forever. The stars align and you see yourself more clearly in the photos in front of you. It’s as though the fashion gods have smiled and said, “We thought you needed a reminder. Here’s what we see.” The colors, the textures, the silhouettes. Everything feels right. Everything feels beautiful. Today’s post chronicles several photos that have triggered a shift in my fashion/Self awareness. And I’ll admit, these kinds of moments are my favorite 🙂

Discovering who you are through style is pretty powerful. I’ve had the pleasure of helping many women re-imagine who they are through clothing. Many women I’ve worked with get trapped into seeing themselves in a single light. We believe we’re supposed to look a certain way or we’ve become accustomed to settling on what appears to be a safe choice. And often times, playing it safe seems so much easier than taking a chance on something new. Of course fashion doesn’t solve everything and anything for anyone. But it’s an important and oft overlooked piece of identity, in my opinion. With the right clothes, you stand a little taller, you smile a little bigger and you walk with more confidence. The inner Self and the outer Self are in better alignment, and trust me, it shows.

My ability to watch and identify and translate trends is an invaluable skill for styling. To predict trends for example, you must have developed a whole different way of “seeing”. This way of “seeing” knows which details are important to pay attention to, which shifts in popular culture translate into shifts in our identities, which colors and textures and shapes are significant and offer a new orientation to reality and Being.

I saw an interesting video from Design Indaba this morning on how one artist uses design to shift the consciousness of her audience. Fascinating, no? But think about it. The surrealists of the 1920s certainly shifted our perspectives. The art of Feng Shui organizes space and energy through design. Fashion shouldn’t be any different.

Talk to me, readers. Have you had any personal style epiphanies? Do you think fashion can shift consciousness?

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Today’s images feature Marthe Wiggers by Stefan Zschernitz.


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