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Coming Up Roses | Paris Bleeds Crimson


There’s nothing quite like Paris, I tell my friends. Sure it’s cliché to talk about how romantic the city is, how beautiful it looks at night, or how charmant it feels to stroll down the Left Bank with fresh flowers and bread for the dinner table. While I lived there a mere 4 months, my heart never really left. The architecture, the shopping (oh, the shopping!), and the butter (oh, the butter!), and the bright lilt of accordion music on the subway…it’s a city full of pleasurable details. Innumerable books and songs and movies are a small testament to its immeasurable appeal. If you can give yourself over to Paris, you come away with something quite grand – your heart leaves a little fuller, more nostalgic and a bit more lustful, to tell the truth. It’s a kind of living dream, so to speak – measured in beauty and poignant sorrow, last loves and first loves, and wild memory.

Before you leave me straight away to purchase a plane ticket to the City of Lights, keep tabs on the blood crimsons and blush roses of the runway and feast-way. As we move closer to the New Year, the trends of 2015 are also emerging more clearly.