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Fashion Styling | The Kaleidoscope Effect

Fashion Styling | The Kaleidoscope Effect

Fashion styling is getting complicated. And it’s a good thing.

Gone are the simple standbys of a khaki trouser and a navy cardigan. Instead, we crave dimension, depth, complexity and contrast. There’s been an explosion of creativity across magazine editorials – styling that answers to no one, no one trend, no one article of clothing. The best at fashion styling employ a strategic mix of patterns, color, shapes and volumes. The drama factor has increased by a factor of 50. It’s an elegant, divine kind of drama. And it’s been building for the past several years.

I’m reminded of kaleidoscopes – do you remember those beautiful toys from our childhoods? Did you know that they’ve actually been around since the 1800’s?! A very brief history lesson:

The word kaleidoscope comes from Greek words meaning “beautiful form to see.” Some are so beautiful and rare that they’ve become prized as collectable objects. A kaleidoscope’s forms, are created by an assembly of mirrors, angles and ordinary objects working in a very scientific way. What you see when you look through that eyehole will never be exactly the same twice. While the container holding the objects is usually as large as the kaleidoscope tube, only the portion of the objects that fall within the space of the triangle within the object holder is reflected. (1)

Check out a couple of our favorite examples of fashion’s kaleidoscopic imagination!

fashion styling
fashion styling
fashion styling

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