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Fashion’s Candy Crush | The Sweet Saga Continues

Fashion's Candy Crush Saga | What Next

Fashion never fails to amuse and excite me. It takes on so many different forms, ideas, ideologies and voices. Nothing is safe from its gaze. The Future is Now | Trend Forecasting | What NextAs an aesthetic medium and cultural mirror, it consciously (and unconsciously) reveals a great deal about the current state of our psyches. LOVE Magazine’s fall/winter edition for example, is packed with cultural metaphor. In much the same way that Moschino’s 2015 spring collection poked fun at America’s obsession with McDonald’s and Cheetos, LOVE’s latest campaign highlights our addiction to sugar. I’m reminded both of the popular app, Candy Crush (circa now) and the board game, Candy Land  (circa 1986). Candy symbolizes a great deal to the modern imagination: childhood gum ball machines and special sweets; birthday cakes and celebration; easter eggs and treasure hunts. Come to think of it, there are few occasions that do not include some form of sweet sacrament. Candy has the power to elevate blood sugar and arouse memories of sweeter, simpler times. Mary Poppins – childhood sage and guardian – said it herself, “a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

Expect to see fashion’s candy crush saga saturate menswear, womenswear, activewear and accessories. We saw this trend emerge back in 2012 (see our 2014 Menswear Report for full details) and have wmenswearkingatched it blossom in editorials and fall collections. Lanvin’s 2014 Menswear collection featured a pair of blueberry stained brogues that had us drooling and swooning – in part because we featured a strikingly similar pair long before his collection hit the runway.

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Photos courtesy of Bakers Royale, The Artful Desperado, the LOVE Magazine, Glamour Italia, and Número China.


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