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Fashion’s Life Aquatic: 2014 Resort Fashion Trend Report


The ocean has been on my mind of late. I came across an exquisite photograph of a fish tail, and I find myself returning to this image as I perform further trend research. The photo is of a fish, and yet it points to something beyond itself. It projects shadow and nuance, and is oddly warming to the imagination. We discover that beauty breathes deeply in the darkest of places.

As a trend forecaster, the breadth and depth of my research is attuned to changes in technology, science, the arts, music, history and the economy. It is a haptic medium of observation that understands how changes in fashion often precipitate changes in our perceptions of class and gender, and how changes in silhouette and color mirror transformations in politics and popular media. As an astronomer seeks patterns of light and ascertains the shape of constellations, a trend forecaster seeks patterns in language, culture, people and places, and distills aesthetic configurations that reflect changes in market behavior. Part of the secret of trend forecasting lies in the ability to think absent things.

The 2014 Resort Collections have come and gone, and my what a show! I was completely partial to Zac Posen’s genius, Nina Ricci’s color palette, Erdem’s hypnotic prints, and Marni’s brazen use of structure. See highlights below! And visit Style.com for full disclosure.





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