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In Full Bloom | 2014 Spring Trend Report

In Full Bloom | 2014 Spring Trend Report

Spring has officially arrived in Silicon Valley. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the air is ripe with possibility. The new beginnings that abound in nature this time of year always make me feel hopeful and light. Warm summer days are close at hand and fashion invites a breath-taking array of colors and fresh floral prints. Even as we approach a time in the industry when seasons become less relevant – an inevitable bow to rising global temperatures as well as the realization that fashion’s global reach defies a scheduled weather calendar – local temperatures still dictate what we where and when.

The spring trend that began with small flower hair accessories and crowns several seasons ago has gained significant momentum. We crave nature’s wild beauty; we crave Her colors, designs, shapes and organic asymmetries. We welcome the look and feel of a flora infused reality. The smell of the earth is sweet and inviting; not to mention a lovely and intuitive counterbalance to days spent plugged in to all manner of digital devices.

As I prepare my own garden, I am amazed at how consistent and steady and unyielding I find the soil and insects and weeds. Despite our human effects on the planet, Nature has this uncanny way of continuing on – with or without us.


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