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In Fashion, Are Trends Passé?


A recent article from the NYTimes, “In Fashion, Are Trends Passé”, argues that the “trend story” may be something of the past. I do believe that fashion is changing more quickly than ever, but in my opinion, the “Trend Story” is just beginning.

Fast fashion for example, has dramatically changed the trend story, not to mention our purchasing patterns. I myself turn to chain stores like Forever21 for “trendier” pieces –  now code for a cheaper item of clothing that I don’t expect to last more than a season (two if I’m really lucky).

In the NYTimes article, Robert Burke – of Bergdorf Goodman – remembers when the trend story used to be dictated by an elite few to an elite few, in the Ritz in Paris. But this style of information sharing is all but obsolete. Social media platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube et al. offer unprecedented access to the everyday happenings of the globe. Information is transmitted exponentially faster than five years ago. We no longer have to wait for Vogue editors to tell us what people are wearing in Madrid, Hong Kong or Shanghai. More people are contributing to the story of trends. The story isn’t disappearing, it’s simply getting more complicated. There are more voices. More authors. More nuanced accounts of what people are wearing and why.