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Nightfall | Fashion Trend Forecasting | What Next

Nightfall | 2016/2017 Fashion Trend Forecast

Nightfall | Fashion Trend Forecasting | What Next

It’s finally here! Your free preview of our 2016/17 macro trend forecast, Nightfall!

If you’ve been keeping close tabs on the fashion trend forecasting industry, you know that we’re seeing a convergence of several decades: namely, the 70’s, the 90’s and a smidgeon of the 80’s. The 60’s are slowly fading into the background, and a moodiness is setting in. What do I mean by moodiness? Think darker color palettes for starters. Think crimsons, olive and army greens, deep fuschias, and blacks. While pattern-mixing is starting to hit its stride for mainstream consumers, fashion trend forecasting for 2016 and 2017 will see trendsetters embracing more monochromatic ensembles with small splashes of bright color for accent. You’ll also see fewer distressed pieces on the racks than in 2015. RAW edges, exposed seams and zippers are sweet details that are slowly fading, but still interesting. Satin will be important, velvet should make a good showing, and embroidered knits will be everything. Our eyes are drawn to intricacy. We want our products to feel special, and we’re growing tired of fast fashion’s shoddy craftsmanship.

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