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Paris Fashion Week 2015 Trend Report | We Got It Right Again!

Paris Fashion Week Trend Report | We Got It Right Again!

In November 2013, we saw the first signs of our 2015 trend forecast, RAW, and I’m proud to say that we’ve discovered an overwhelming amount of evidence in support of our projections. This latest batch of proof comes to you straight from Paris Fashion Week 2015 and includes some of the biggest names in the industry: namely, Lanvin, Dries Van Noten, Valentino, and Vionnet. You’ll see snapshots from PFW 2015 immediately below, followed by images from our 2015 trend forecast!

Here’s what we wrote in November 2013:

The forecast is called, RAW, and draws on the artistry of makers, builders, designers and dreamers. It represents a shaking loose, a letting go of all that is uniform and ordered in favor of greater complexity and nuance. Faux furs make a huge comeback (in the best way possible), and structure takes a backseat to relaxed silhouettes. The look is coarse, unfinished, and intelligibly unintelligible. #Nofilter, you might say. As I wrote in, Mapping Virtual Cartographiesthe “experiencing Self” is at the fore. Raw experience, raw data, is what drives us. Even as we develop more sophisticated algorithms to track and evaluate the Internet, the sound of fingers typing and coding still rings.



We also found confirmation from one of the leading global design and innovation firms, IDEO.org.

We will likely buy more unfinished products in the future. This could happen for a lot of reasons: more choice, better economics, and the ability to upgrade. But there are behaviors even more exciting at play. When we ‘unbundle’ products, the role of people changes.

As we break down the things into Raw Systems, how will it shift the roles of people and materials? For decades we have organized around production, soon production might organize more around us. 




Check out the extended preview of our 2015 fashion & lifestyle trend forecast, RAW!


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