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Because…Prada | Milan Fashion Week 2014

Because...Prada | Milan Fashion Week 2014

Miuccia, Miuccia, Miuccia. They’re going to make movies about you.

Another o-u-t-s-t-a-n-d-i-n-g collection from Prada’s resident Wonder Woman. (Seriously, is there anything this woman can’t do?) Her collection for Milan Fashion Week 2014 blew me away – a finely tuned synergy of color, pop culture influence, time-worn silhouettes and a healthy dose of what I like to call, “future now.” My designers, buyers, planners, and merchandisers among you: take serious notes. In 2013, Miuccia gave us sequined bras atop high-art, spiked with jersey socks and a kaleidoscope of gem stones. This inside-out assembly of dresses, coats and skirts exuded an enlightened sexuality. Fast-forward to Milan Fashion Week 2014, and sheer, delicate fabrics were married with hyper masculine overcoats. Colors were regal, refined – a lovely nod to the budding Royal Family. Plush shearling collars and trim delivered luxury and softness. Corset boning lent beautiful shape and structure to several pieces–a detail that is sure to surface in department stores and fast fashion chains alike.

Miuccia’s art celebrates the fierce beauty and power that many women are often denied – whether through unequal wages or antiquated stereotypes. The wise among you will pay close attention to the subtle and not so subtle inversions and subversions of her sartorial aesthetics. Miuccia plays for keeps, ladies and gentlemen. Stay tuned!



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