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The Rainbow Connection | Chanel Brings the Illusion to Life

The Rainbow Connection | Someday We'll Find It

It’s hard to imagine a childhood that wasn’t shaped by the likes of Rainbow Brite, Reading Rainbow, Power Rangers and Lisa Frank. The 1980’s were host to a platoon of rainbow-inspired super heroes, after-school specials and rainbow-saturated cartoons. There’s a running joke amongst many millennials that we were all told we were fancy unicorns as children and that we struggle in adulthood because the real world has no room for our secret, yet undeniable special powers. To survive, we are told, we must set our fantasy worlds aside and deal with a cold, cruel reality devoid of rainbows, magical ponies, bow-tied bears and singing frogs.

“But why then,” asks my inner 80’s child, ” do we continue to sing and tell stories about life somewhere over the rainbow?” “Why do we chase rainbows for special pots of gold? What is it about this multi-colored spectacle of light that continues to fascinate and foretell happier times ahead?”

Fortunately, Karl Lagerfeld seems wise to the secrets of rainbows. His Spring 2014 collection paid tribute to light’s full spectrum and is sure to spark a series of rainbow-hued accessories in the months to come. Think sunglasses and eyewear in a variety of colors, tinted lenses galore, and an explosion of multicolor across handbags, scarves, sandals and sneakers.

And even when the colors fade, the dreamers and the lovers will continue to sing.



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