Welcome to the future.

RAW| 2015 Trend Sneak Peek!


As 2013 comes to a close (where did the time go?!), it’s time to look further down the road in search of 2015. My work has been a bit scattered as of late — I’m working on a bigger and better website, and launching my own trend forecasting agency in Silicon Valley. It’s been an arduous road, but the foundations are strong and the vision clear.

The future waits for no one however, so I’ve taken time to prepare a trend sneak peek for 2015. You’ll find preliminary concept boards below: these are the building blocks that I’ll use to develop comprehensive future profiles and scenarios. The forecast is called, RAW, and draws on the artistry of makers, builders, designers and dreamers. It represents a shaking loose, a letting go of all that is uniform and ordered in favor of greater complexity and nuance. Faux furs make a huge comeback (in the best way possible), and structure takes a backseat to relaxed silhouettes. The look is coarse, unfinished, and intelligibly unintelligible. #Nofilter, you might say. As I wrote in, Mapping Virtual Cartographiesthe “experiencing Self” is at the fore. Raw experience, raw data, is what drives us. Even as we develop more sophisticated algorithms to track and evaluate the Internet, the sound of fingers typing and coding still rings.

The future is bright, dear readers. Stay tuned!

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