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The Scarecrow Aesthetic

A Scarecrow Stands In the Fields of Fashion

Details are essential in trend forecasting. As we mine the archives of fashion, food, art, photography, and the environment for glimpses of an already emerging future, we discover that the origins of trends are often spread out across unlikely disciplines. Sometimes the “whys” and “how’s” are slower to surface, yet we recognize the tell-tale feeling of “that’s it!” even before the words have yet to take shape. This is the sort of right-brained intelligence that we have a difficult time quantifying in a predominately left-brained world.

During the 2013 couture shows for example, Ulyana Sergeenko’s straw hats caught my attention. A collection inspired by Russian fairytales, these straw hats and shorts felt reminiscent of another beloved fairytale, The Wizard of Oz. Fast forward to the 2014 couture shows and Schiapelli fashioned a hat that also felt both, “Wicked Witch of the West” and Scarecrow-inspired. Junya Watanabe’s 2014 menswear show lent an ear to our familiar field fellow as well – patched jeans worn with coats and plaid pockets; a delightful hodgepodge of whimsy and debonair dog. These curious hybrid creations are a perfect example of a trend at work. Small details creep into our awareness and then the storm hits full force. I have fallen in love with my work precisely because of this process. I feel a little like Sherlock Holmes, sifting through mountains of evidence, deciphering which clues are the most important.

The Scarecrow Aesthetic is definitely something to keep track of in the future. Expect to see more decades and design motifs overlapping, more masculine and feminine gender norms collapsing, and more cultures and voices and stories joining together to disclose a greater degree of transglobal interdependence.

The game’s afoot!


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