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What’s Your Retail IQ? Anthropologie Nails New Retail Protocol. And Is Totally On Trend.


If you know me well then you understand that weekly escapes to Anthropologie are essential. The clothes, the candles, the home furnishings…everything is beautifully orchestrated. It’s not simply a store. It’s an experience. They seem well-equipped to handle the changing retail market. As more shopping is done online, many stores are struggling to create a unique enough in-house experience for customers that justifies the cost of gas and crowds of people. Innovate or die, as the saying goes.

Anthro is also on my radar this week because many of their spring arrivals are in keeping with my trend forecast, Neomexicana. Clothing and jewelry feature decidedly indigenous details. Colors include cerulean and azure blues, as well as blood reds and vivid shades of violet. A lovely nod to the late Frida Kahlo.

This trend is poised to go the distance so invest in a few key pieces now – they’ll last you for a few seasons!



The Original Story Board for  2013 Neomexicana



Images courtesy of Anthropologie.com