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For Simplicity’s Sake | The Aftermath of Paris Fashion Week 2014

For Simplicity's Sake | The Aftermath of Paris Fashion Week 2014

I love data. I really, really do. But every now again, I feel a strong desire to cut ties with my USB cord. I will tell my motherboard that I love her dearly, but that I must learn to take care of myself without her backup. I’m sure she’ll cry tears of silicon chips, but I know she’ll understand deep down in her circuits that sometimes we all need a reboot.

As the roar of Paris Fashion Week 2014 fades into memory – a true chariot race to the finish – I’ve found comfort in simplicity. As much as I adored the barrage of prints, colors, textures and shapes that ran down the runway, I’m also craving the illusion of the “un-designed”; the hallmark minimalism of Helvetica, for example. Something clean, quiet, and peaceful.

As my senses are feeling somewhat overloaded, today’s images offer rest and recalibration. Vivienne Westwood’s Paris Fashion Week finale guides this meditation – a stunning constellation of 19th century history, social advocacy, sexuality and environmental consciousness.


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