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  • Alessandro Michele | Gucci's Dark Horse | Menswear 2016

    Alessandro Michele & Gucci : Fashion’s Dark Knight

    Alessandro Michele is in the spotlight as the Pied Piper of change—a risk-taker and revolutionary who has not so...

  • It's SO Fluffy! | Fashion's Despicable Allure

    It’s SO Fluffy! | Fashion’s Despicable Allure

    It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, dear readers. My apologies! It’s been a whirlwind fall season with lots of...

  • Neomexicana

    Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Fashion Trend “Neomexicana” Finds Sure-footing

    In 2012, I developed the fashion trend forecast, Neomexicana. I’m happy to report an overwhelming amount of evidence – both...

  • hivemindblog2

    Fashion’s Hive Mind: Alexander McQueen, Biomimicry & Social Media

    Don’t miss the TED talk below! In Walter Benjamin’s, The Arcades Project, he writes that, “the most interesting thing about fashion is...