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  • BeautyInterrupted

    Beauty, Interrupted: Exercises in Futility, Grace and Growing Old

    When we encounter "awakened beauty," we encounter ourselves. When trends gain traction in the collective imagination, it is because...

  • SucculentEarthTime

    The Ebb & Flow of Trend Time: When “Fashionably Late” Means You’re Out of a Job

    In the world of trend forecasting, time is a slippery creature. Learning how to track "fashion time," means keeping...

  • charlottesweb

    Fashion’s Mythos: Trend Forecasting and the Art of Storytelling

    like to think of trend forecasting as the art of storytelling. As trend forecasters, we are in conversation...

  • TrendStory

    In Fashion, Are Trends Passé?

    A recent article from the NYTimes, "In Fashion, Are Trends Passé", argues that the "trend story" may be something...

  • TrendHome

    Intuition & Gut Reaction: How Smart Is Your Stomach?

    In my experience, intuition involves a great deal of listening – an artform lost on most. Listening to your...