Welcome to the future.

The Ebb & Flow of Trend Time: When “Fashionably Late” Means You’re Out of a Job


In an effort to lull myself out of a– nothing-seems-to-be-happening-quickly enough –funk, I drove to the mountains in Los Gatos today. While I admit that part of the reason for my journey was to visit the newly opened, boutique-style Anthropologie, the mountains that surround the town are simply breathtaking. In the presence of these mountains, my soul is at peace. No longer driven by what I’ve decided to call, “information-time” – a particularly fast-paced, unilateral, instantaneous, linear, update-your-status, tell-the-rest-of-the-world-exactly-what-you’re-doing, the quicker the better, kind of time – I shift back to “earth time.”

“Of course,” I say.

“Slow down,” I repeat to myself.

“Life takes time.”

In the world of trend forecasting, time is a slippery creature. Learning how to track “fashion time,” means keeping track of the market, attending Fashion Weeks, and learning the rhythm – the ebb and flow – of “trend time.” How long, for example, can we expect to see the 60’s-themed revival? It’s been circulating for 3-4 seasons; and in my opinion, will probably be around for one more before it hits the sale racks. This particular prediction stems from a sense of historical time. It is a socio-cultural, critical-political forecast that makes sense of the present time in the context of past time. More specifically, I see poignant similarities between present day struggles for same-sex marriage and the turbulent, civil-rights-fueled era of the 1960s. Generation Y is shifting our paradigms of communication and entrepreneurialism in much the same way the Baby Boomers shifted the paradigms of power and free speech during the Vietnam War.

Befriending Time is important. Learning to trust Time is essential. So much of what we don’t understand about the present will be revealed to us in the time of the future. Be patient, if possible. Remember to listen. Breathe in the seconds of the day and the minutes of the hour. Take time in order to understand it.