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Tom Ford’s Material World | Fashion, Luxury, Experience


During his presentation at the annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund awards dinner, Tom Ford spoke in length about how to survive and thrive in the fashion industry. Towards the end of his speech, Ford mused poignantly on fashion’s essential materiality:

Finally, I realized we live in a material world. We’re material creatures. We are sensorial, we feel, and we touch. We’re fortunate to live in the Western world where we do have luxury. And fashion is part of experiencing that material time that we have on earth.

Ford makes an important and oft overlooked point about materiality: We are – inescapably – material creatures. We have material bodies. We live in a material world of sight, sound, taste, texture and touch. We live. We breathe. We love. We eat and drink, work and play. We think and create, build homes, make friends, have families and take part in community. We explore the universe. And despite any and all Cartesian struggles to separate mind from body, the physicality and the immediacy of the present moment helps define us as human.

Today’s images were selected because they mirror a raw physicality, something you should expect to see more of in 2015.





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