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Trend Forecasting Proof | RAW 2015 | What Next

Trend Forecasting Proof | RAW 2015

Finding trend forecasting proof is what keeps us in business. It’s all well and good to forecast great ideas, but without confirmation your insights mean nothing. As we’re rounding the last lap for the 2015 RTW shows, it is with great pride that I can present an OVERWHELMING amount of trend forecasting proof for our 2015 forecast, RAW!

In case you’ve forgotten what we projected, here are images and excerpts from the original the forecast. After the excerpts, you’ll find this year’s catwalk confirmations!








In RAW, we encounter the hyper- real. We see the seams of an en- coded reality – beckoning num- bers and letters, mad ciphers and symbols. We are linked; at times, hyper-connected to the machines of our own making. Self-designed, self-magnifying systems that am- plify the noise of our everyday de- tails. The din of data culture grows deafening. In our quest to control and understand reality, we break it down and we bleed information.

Rough edges, tassels and texture are made real with oversized, gilded accessories. Fabrics are heavy. We alternate structure with softness – layering one atop the other, creating a physical archive of the Data we carry.

We’ve seen the rise of raw food. Why not the rise of raw fashion? Industry giants like Levi’s and H&M are working to clean up their manufacturing, eliminating toxic waste and harsh chemicals. Zady.com is a new e-commerce site devoted to manufacturing transparency. Imogene + Willie – Nashville’s star denim factory – uses original shuttle looms to produce the now coveted, “selvedge” edge. All signs that the fashion industry is changing for the better and getting back to its homespun roots.






2015 Catwalk Confirmations Below!



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