Welcome to the future.

Future Trends | What We Do

Some call it magic. We call it killer instinct.

At What Next, we bring the best of future trends straight to your inbox. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we make innovation actionable for your brand and customers. Everything we design, develop or recommend is done with your business objectives in mind. We translate tough-to-decode trends, revive branding, and engineer custom-fit, future solutions.

The secret to our success is delivering the right balance of design and technology, foresight and strategy, and drafting and execution.

Our services include:


Fashion and lifestyle trend forecasting are our bread and butter. We keep tabs on the health of local and global economies, regularly evaluate new social media trends, and decipher cultural politics to decide which trends have staying power. We deliver color, pattern, and silhouette recommendations; concept boards; and future narratives that keep your brand’s voice agile and effective.

Deep Branding

Successful brands share one thing in common: a powerful narrative, start to finish. What Next helps define who you are at the core, and builds a cohesive story that champions your brands key assets and captures the imagination of your audience.

Market Research

We’re mad crazy researchers. Tell us your industry, and we’ll sift through terrabytes of data to insure you have all the facts at your disposal. This kind of knowledge keeps you on top of future trends and helps ensure informed opinions every step of the way.