Welcome to the future.

Market Research

We do the homework. You get the answers.

At What Next, we scrutinize past market intelligence and examine the latest developments in arts and culture, science, and technology to help you make smarter planning, buying, and design decisions. Future market scenarios and consumer profiles keep your business agile in the face of rapid market changes and technological innovation.

We research best brick-and-mortar practices; identify innovative packaging and product design; investigate and interpret stellar e-commerce models and environments; and monitor social sharing networks to capture consumer preference and insight. Our goal is to help you profit from an uncertain future. We interpret data and deliver macro trend forecasts to help you align design decisions with anticipated media and market behaviors.

Our Methodology

Our market research is presented in the form of key themes called Macro Trends. These are the drivers that will influence design businesses up to two years in advance, forecasting a comprehensive market profile and the wants and needs of future consumers.

A year in advance of your production schedule, What Next demonstrates how key themes apply to design and product collections. Trends are defined with specific references to womenswear, menswear, accessories and beauty. We deliver detailed recommendations on key colors, items, silhouettes, fabric and print.